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October 25, 2007

"Who Stole My Monkey" a Children’s Book for Pug Lovers

Who Stole My Monkey is a children’s book about three pug dogs, Mac, Pete and Molly. Our flat faced pug friends, learn about how important it is to share with others. Written by Andrew Renk, Who Stole My Monkey includes original photography with a 25 year old Minolta 35mm camera. “I just love they way film looks,” said Renk. “Digital cameras are amazing, but mechanical snap and click is still fun,” he said.

"I’ve had four pugs in my life and they are just great little friends. I hope pug lovers everywhere enjoy the book. Being the oldest of seven children, I have lots of nieces and nephews for product testing. So far the reviews are great! In fact, I just got and email from my mom who had been reading it for the 10,000th time this week. She said she was ready to hide it. Guess that tells you what kids think of it.” Renk commented.

If you have a fun dog story, or want to learn more about the book, please visit Who Stole My Monkey. The story of three pugs and a Monkey.

The site has some fun videos too. And, you don’t have to have a pug dog to join!